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What To Do To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Today we discussed an article entitled “What To Do To Extend Your iPhone Battery Life”.

IPhone products from today’s modern and cool communication and entertainment tools have the same great use in our country as it is all over the world. As a mobile technological device, this technological device that meets all your needs can be called the “iPhone battery life, or iPhone battery life in other words”, the only problem for now. Every iPhone user “The iPhone is questioning the device because the battery is running out quickly. How to save battery power on iPhone. I will definitely recommend to extend the battery life and achieve the longest use by charging. You can lower this problem to a minimum with 4 main headlines below to extend the iPhone battery life.


1. Brightness

The brightness of the screen is directly influenced by the elements. The iPhone, which has a wider screen than a normal device, combines this widescreen display with the pleasure of the screen on the touchscreen device, but the iPhone’s pliant complains on the screen. Lowering the screen brightness (if possible to the minimum low level) will increase the battery life considerably. If you also turn off the “Auto Brightness” function as additional information to the display brightness, the sensors for this automatic brightness feature will shut down, consume no power, and will last longer than your battery life. iPhone screen brightness You can change the device settings from Settings> Brightness.

2. Wi-Fi

This function of the iPhone, which provides wireless internet support, affects the battery life like all smart devices. Having the iPhone Wi-Fi feature turned on is enough for energy consumption. Even if you are connected to any wireless, it will be helpful to turn off the Wi-Fi feature of your device. You can turn off this function in your device under Settings> Wi-Fi.

3. 4.5G

4.5G technology which is opened to service a wide usage network in our country affects battery consumption in question. The iPhone, which literally completes the title of a mobile device with its 4.5G feature, is very unknown, but it suffers from the reasons that consume the iPhone battery the most. I want to state this function. Where 4.5G is not available, we are already automatically using EDGE technology. There is also a positive aspect of this technology, which offers Internet access at very low speeds. This technology, which almost turns into a tiger within the 4.5G coverage area, does not look like 4.5G, although the 4.5G feature of your phone is not available. You can disable the 4.5 feature from Settings> General> Network section. Personally, I do not use 4.5G technology at all.

Other Factors

Bluetooth technology is also an energy-consuming feature on the iPhone. I know that most people can not sleep comfortably if this feature of the device is not clear. But my recommendation is that you always keep this technology in a closed position when you are not using it. Finally, finally, when I download the app from the App Store, I notice that the battery is heavily consumed. I would like to mention this in my article.

Now, in a rightful case, you can say, “Do not we use an iPhone?” I’m not saying I should not use it, I tried to explain that I can make use of the iPhone even more useful.

We have come to the end of the article “What To Do To Extend iPhone Battery Life”. See you another article.

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